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Vishwasghaat - 1977 EROS DVD

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Vishwasghaat - DVD, Vishwasghaat - DVD

Starring: Sanjeev Kumar, Shabhana Azmi, Kabir Bedi, Madan Puri & Satyen Kappu.

Mahesh an idealistic young man returns to India from abroad after a long time along with his fiancee Seema. Mahesh loves and adores his father more than anything in this world. His attitude and reverance changes when he coes to know that his father is a smuggler. He rebukes his father and walks out rejecting the comforts and luxuries.

Mahesh marries Seema and lives a simple life. But his father's opponents now pick on him, so that his father would yeild to their demands and they succeed. Mahesh's father realising the futilities of his wealth, which seperated him from his beloved song, goes for a peace negotiations and in the bargain gets killed. Now, enemies fresh with success, killing Mahesh's father attempt to wipe out Mahesh and his family. Mahesh opting to choose between cowardice and vilonce picks upto arms to end the evil war with the help of Police which he achieves.

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