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Velu Nayakan -1988- EROS DVD

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Starring : Kamal HassanSaranyaKartikaTinnu AnandJanakraj
Director : Maniratnam
Producer :
Music Dir : Illaya Raja
Lyricist :
Singer :
Distributor : Eros
Genre : Drama

No body is born a criminal. Mostly circumstances make him one. And once he commits a crime, chain reaction starts and he caught in the web irrevocably. When velu was a boy, few years old, police shot dead his father. Father's crime was that he was union leader. Velu could not digest this atrocity and he kills the police officer and runs away. Velu Nayakan come to Bomaby. An old man gives him shelter. The job of the old man was to unload the smuggled articles from the mid sea in his boat and deliver then to the concerned people. Police people kill his former father too. Velu who is daring young
man now, seeks the concerned police officer and murders him brutally and thus Velu becomes Velu Nayakan, the Don. He launches himself as a full fledged smuggler and becomes a terror. In course of time he gets married and becomes the father of boy and a girl. These children grow up in their father's world of crime. Rivals in business kill the wife of Velu Nayakan. His son also get killed, where he tries to do the job. After the death of her mother and brother Charu revolts. She leaves her father and goes to another place, where she marries a police officer, without telling him that she is daughter of Velu Nayakan. Charu's husband who is an A.C.P. tries his best to collect witnesses against Velu Nayakan. When Velu Nayakan comes to know that the A.C.P. is his daughter's husband, he surrender himself in front of A.C.P.


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