Taxi No. 9 2 11 DVD

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Taxi No. 9 2 11 DVD
Starring : Nana PatekarJohn AbrahamRitesh DeshmukhSameera ReddySonali Kulkarni
Director : Milan Luthria
Producer : Ramesh Sippy
Music Dir : Vishal & Shekhar
Lyricist : Dev Kohli
Singer : Adnan Sami
Distributor : UTV
Genre : Comedy


Can a simple taxi ride ever change your life?
Can the events that unfold in a single day change the definition of your existence?
Can a stranger turn out to be most important person in your life, all in the course of a day?
Neither Raghav Shastri [Nana Patekar] nor Jai Mittal [John Abraham] could ever think so! And they had all the valid reasons for this, as everything about them was completely opposite.
To start with they were complete strangers who had never met before and probably would never meet again.
They had different perspectives about life
They belonged to different strata of society
They had different desires, present and future plans
Above all they were completely different characters in entirety.
To sum it up, there was nothing that could tie them together...except one thing...


TAXI No. 9211 tells the story of these two individuals who had nothing in common but still fate got them together...and the life was never the same again!

Raghav was witty but his wit was always soaked in sarcasm. He doubled up as an insurance salesman along with his profession as a cabbie a.k.a. taxi driver. He met numerous characters in his daily walk of life. Some good, some bad, some crooked, some irritating and some who boarded his cab with a definite purpose and deadline to meet.
Jai was one such man who boarded Raghav's cab with such a definite purpose. In sharp contrast to Raghav, he was a richie rich who was looking at inheriting his family's fortunes. The only thing trait he shared with Raghav? He too had a sharp tongue!

On a particular day, each of the two meet on a road to achieve something that was the most important thing for them in their life...


It is just that the amount differed in the number of zeroes that they wanted in the figure they were aspiring for. While Raghav was looking to somehow pocket 30,000 rupees by the end of the day, Jai was looking for a staggering amount totaling up to an astonishing 300 crores rupees.
And this is where the difference in the two characters came out clearly in a pure quantitative manner!
How does Jai reach near this fortune? By contesting his father's will in court and for that he want to board Raghu's cab! How does Raghav get his fortune? By taking maximum advantage of any richie rich who boards his cab!
As anticipated, the journey begins. The journey of the kind that turns out to be one in a lifetime for both the men! A journey that is much more than just an action rides. Instead it is laced with fun, thrills and above all humor!
Join the two in one of the most exciting rides of the life that spans 120 minutes in duration and also has Sameera Reddy, Sonali Kulkarni and Shivaji Satam joining the fun.
A Ramesh Sippy production, 'Taxi No. 9211' is directed by Milan Luthria and has music by Vishal-Shekhar.

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