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Style -2001- SPARK DVD

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Product Description
Style - DVD
Director: N Chandra
Genre: Feature Film
Sub Genre: Bollywood
Release date: 12 May 2003
Format: DVD

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    * Video system: PAL / NTSC
    * Language: Hindi
    * No. of disks: 1
    * Producer: N Chandra
    * Sound format: Dolby Digital 5.1 - Hindi
    * Catalogue number: SDVD140
    * Aspect ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen

DVD special features

Scene Selection. Song Selection. Forthcoming Attraction.

The story of style revolves around two mischievous boys, Bantu and Chantu and two girls Sheena and Rani. Bantu and Chantu are loved by their friends for their wit and ability to solve any problem facing any student. Whenever they do so they are showered with expensive gifts or parties in five star hotels. Thus, in spite of a middle class background they cultivate habits of the rich.

But once, one such rich friend decides to trick them, by leaving them to foot the hotel bill at a party. This brings them to realize that once they are out of college, they will have to fend for themselves, as their friends are not going to be around for them anymore. So, Bantu and Chantu come out with this brilliant idea that if they marry rich girls, they can spend the rest of their lives, living in style. Sheena and Rani, two young girls from the college fit the bill. Both the girls dislike Bantu and Chantu, because they were known to be caught cheating during the college elections. So the guys now decide to change the girls` opinion about them.

What exactly do they plan on doing?

Do Bantu and Chantu succeed with their plans?

Watch STYLE to find out.

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