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Salaami -1994- EROS DVD

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Salaami - DVD

Director : Sharukh Sultan

Producer : Tess Mirza

Music : Nadeem Shravan

Starring : Ayub Khan, Kabir Bedi, Beena, Goga Kapoor, Latika Shukla & Saeed Jaffary


Story line : Saalami means a salute. It is the story of Vijay Singh in the Indian Military Academy who falls in love with Sami the daughter of Mrs Kapoor. Mrs Kapoor had been a victim of a broken love affair; a promise given by the cadet of the I.M.A which leaded to the separation of Vijay and Sami.

Kavita the young daughter of the new commandant LI.Gen P.N Mehra enters adding fuel in the fire. Vijay is caught in a whirlpool of unforeseen circumstances, which lead him to desperation, anger and hate.

But then there are his foster parents Major Rahim Khan and his wife Bilquis Khan who offer him moral and emotional courage.

Salaami is not just a love story, it is also the story of S.P Gautam a police officer and his confrontation with major Rahim Khan. Salaami pits the corruption, prevalent in the police force against the patriotism of the army and the truth prevails.

The clash that occurs makes Salaami a film to watch.


Features :


 141 Minutes colour / Dolby Digital AC3 / NTSC Format / English Subtitle.

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