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Ram Aur Shyam-1967 (Hindi) bf DVD

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Ram Aur Shyam - DVD, Ram Aur Shyam - DVD

Director : Chanakya
Producer : Vijaya International
Music : Naushad

Starring : Dilip Kumar, Waheeda Rehman, Mumtaz, Nirupa Roy, Pran

The film centers around the lives of two young men, Ram and Shyam. The two look very much alike yet are completely different in temperament and outlook. Ram is a quiet, retiring sort of person while Shyam is lively, full of fun, and lives in constant fear of his wealth. In the hope of bringing still more money under his control, Gajendra arranges a marriage between Ram and Anjana. His plans don't work out and Ram runs away from home. This is where the paths of the two strange men first cross. Ram disguised as a Sadhu, unknowingly goes to Shyam's village. Here Shanta, Shyam's childhood friend, mistakes Ram for Shyam and takes him to her home. Shyam, on the other hand, finds himself in Ram's house. Anjana is delighted to see the new authoritative Ram. But Gajendra is not quite so pleased. The masquerade can't go on very long. Soon identities have to be revealed. Gajendra, who has noticed the change in Ram, now finds out the reason for it. Suspense piles on suspense as he gathers false evidence and plots to accuse Shyam of impersonation and murder. Will he succeed? What is the mystery behind these two strange men? Which girl will they win in the end? These are questions only the film can answer.

Features :

Dolby Digital AC 3 / NTSC Format / English Subtitles


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