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Pyar Ka Mandir - 1988- moviebox DVD

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Pyar Ka Mandir - DVD

Actors: Methun Chakraborty, Madhavi, Nirupa Roy, Kader Khan, Sachin
Subtitles: English
Producer: Shabnam Kaporr
Director: K. Bapaiah
Released by: Moviebox
Region: 0 - Region Free. Will play on any player, in any region.

Synopsis for Pyar Ka Mandir DVD

Mithun Chakraborty, Madhavi, Nirupa Roy, Kader Khan, Sachin, Raj Kiran, Shakti Kapoor.

English Subtitles.

Laxmi (Nirupa Roy) is a simple honest and hardworking school teacher. She has three sons Ajay (Raj Kiran)
Vijay (Mithun Chakraborty) Sanjay (Sachin) and a daughter Meena (Sharda Verma).

The eldest son Ajay wants to be a collector and is preparing for the exams. Sanjay is studying law and wants
to be a lawyer. The middle brother Vijay who loves to dance and sing has given up his studies after
completing B.A. His full attention is to both his brothers. He works. He works hard to ensure their necessities.

Together thay share a common goal to make their house a temple of love.

Vijay os in love with Rahda(Madhvi) who runs a video parlour of her own. Vijay's friend Dilip (Shakti Kapoor)
also loves Radha and wants to marry her. Dilip also has an illicit affair with the wife of his partner
Gopal (Bharat Kapoor)who runs a chitfund company. He is a fraud and cheats a lot of people including Vijay's mother Laxmi.
There is a strong financial crisis and Vijay sets out in search of the absconding Gopal, whom police is also searching.

Meanwhile Gopal, who is on the run, reaches the house of his partner Dilip only to find his wife in the arms of his partner.
Gopal is furious and before he can do anything Dilip kills him. Vijay who also reaches here, witnesses the whole event.
To save their house from auction and his sisters marrige, Vijay makes a deal with Dilip to take to blame for the crime.
Vijay goes to jail while his sister gets married.

In jail, Vijay meets Azam Khan (Raza Murad). After completing his trem of seven years of imprisonment, Comes out to
see the changed world of his family. Their house "the temple of love". The house is sold, hismother untraceable,
his brother Ajay has become the collector, Sanjay a famous lawyer. Both of them behave very rudely to him. Success
and money collected from Dilip in form of bribery has gone to their head.p

One day Vijay finds his mother working as a laborer. He feels terrible pain for her and is furious at his brothers'
behavior. He brings her to the slum where he leaves and there is this collapse of a school building where many children die.
The builder is noone other thatn Dilip and enquiry is set up by the government under the chairmanship of Ajay.
The enquiry begins leading to many unprecedented events such as the kidnapping of Ajay's wife and Dilip's
attempt to rape her. Vijay reaches in time to rescue her. But he falls staight into a trap set by Dilip.

Whether he manages to come out of it or not is the question and the answer is worth looking up at the screen to find out...

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