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Professor Pyarelal - 1981- tte DVD

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Starring : Amjad KhanDharmendraJeevanNirupa RoySreeram LagooVinod MehraZeenat AmanSimmi GarewalShammi Kapoor
Director : Brij Agarwal
Producer : T. M. Bihari
Music Dir : Kalayanji Anandji
Lyricist :
Singer :
Distributor : TTE
Genre : ComedyDrama

Synopsis of Professor Pyarelal DVD 

Professor Pyarelal is the story of the son every mother prays for, the friend in every man is proud, the lover every woman dreams of, and the enemy every villian fears. Pyarelal and Ram inseparable friends living together in London. Ram is man of multiple talents, surviving on his wits and nefarious activties whereas Pyarelal is a highly respected and amiable professor teaching in a London college. But one day destiny takes a cruel turn and Pyarelal becomes the unwitting victims of police bullet meant for Ram, who has been carrying contraband for smugglers. In his dying moments however, Pyarelal reforms Ram forever. He dies telling the police that he is Ram, and accepts the entire guilt of his friend's past crimes.

Overcomes by this sacrifice, Ram gives up all his illegal activities and returns to India to break the sad news to Pyarelal's blind mother, Shanti Devi. But there overwhelmed by the affection she showers on him for her real son, Ram is unable to tell her the harsh truth, and for her sake, dons the mantle of Professor Pyarelal. He gives her all the love expected of a real son and gains wealth by setting up classes under the name of Professor Pyarelal. Destiny brings now Ronny, a ruthless gangster to the scene. Posing as a film producer, Ronny buys the plot of a brilliant jewel robbery from Pyarelal and executes theft diamonds woth Rs 50 crores, for which Pyarelal, Sonia, a charming young girl, and Rai bahadur are all implicated. The police however learn that Pyarelal is reallly the son a heroic police officer, who had been killed years ago in the course of duty, and being there foreconvinced of their innocence, send Pyarelal and Sonia to London on a mission in search of Ronny and the diamonds.

A wild hunt follows as soon as they land in London and Pyarelal is taken to the man called king of the underworld. But he is shocked to find the king is none other than Kishanchand, the long lost husband of Shanti Devi. Thinking that his family had died years ago in a fire, Kishanchand had entered the world of crime. Pyarelal claims to be his son, but the treacherous Ronny has already arrived there earlier and deceied the king into Ronny's wife, Rita, is killed and Ronny himself exposed and banished from the king's castle.

Meanwhile Rai Bahadur manages to trick Ronny's accomplices, and reached London with the dimonds which is forced to hand over to the king. The vengeful Ronny, then kidnaps Shanti Devi, who has also come to London and force Pyarelal to exchange the dimonds for his mother - not on land or sea, but in mid-air. The terrifying exchange then takes place between two planes 20,000 ft. above the ground and death defying spectacle follows, as both Pyarelal and Ronny jumpout of a burning plane, fighting for the diamonds in a spine-chilling sky fight to the finish. These spectaculars aerial stunts from the thrilling climax of Professor Pyarelal, the like of which has never been witnessed on the Indian screen.


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