Poochho Mere Dil Se DVD

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Poochho Mere Dil Se DVD
# Starring: Avtar Gill, Diya Chakraavorty, Gaurav Ghai, Mohan Joshi, Paresh Rawal, Shakti Kapoor, Tiku Talsania
# Director: Kumar Pradeep
# Genre: Feature Film
# Sub Genre: Bollywood
# Release date: 7 June 2004
# Format: DVD


POOCHHO MERE DIL SE is a movie about conflict at different levels.  There is the `bastard` son seeking retribution against his father for betraying his mother.  At another level, the son is a policeman who has to bring his father, an underworld don, to book,  He is also the paramour of a woman whose father does not like policemen.  Conflict in love.  The hero, Rocky, has been raised by his mother, Gayatri Devi with the sole purpose of fighting crime, he becomes an inspector and on the very first day of the job finds out the whole city is under the clutches of Raja Thakur.

As an aside, after becoming inspector Rocky goes to meet Diya, a college friend whom he loves but is yet to express his love. Diya is happy to see Rocky as an inspector. After long last Rocky tells her about his love and she reciprocates. The problem now comes with Diya`s father, a businessman, who Rocky learns about Sharad`s antics, he arrests him only to find that Sharad is released set free due to his father`s influence. Rocky gradually realizes that there is an nexus between the Superintendent of Police and Raja Thakur.

The next phase in the story is Rocky coming into terms with the fact that he is , Raja Thakur`s son. And the mastermind behind the evil plots is person called Chaurasia. Once Gayatri Devi while returning from a temple finds Chaurasia following her to house. Her guardian, major Khan, warns Chaurasia never to come to the house again.

In the dramatic interlude Chaurasia tells Rocky he is a bastard. Rocky confronts Gayatri Devi who tells her past life. That she had been betrayed by Raja Thakur who had married another woman. This was all the design of Chaurasia who coveted Gayatri Devi.

Does Rocky end the crime world of Raja Thakur? The movie ends in a thrilling climax.

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    * Language: Hindi
    * No. of disks: 1
    * Producer: Pijush Chakraborty
    * Sound format: Dolby Digital 5.1
    * Catalogue number: SDVD203
    * Aspect ratio: Anamorphic Widescreen

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