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Nai Roshni-1967 SHEMAROO DVD

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Nai Roshni DVD

Starring: Ashok Kumar, Mala Sinha, Raaj Kumar, Biswajeet & Tanuja.

Nai Roshni is a spotlight on our present day society; The society which is blinded to
the charm & beauty of our own heritage & culture by the glitter & glamour of the West.

Prof. Kumar is a rational person but the one mistake he committed dogged his life all
along. He forsook his first wife Parvati & Married Padma. The second marriage was utter
failure. They were poles apart-Kumar was cool & calm; Padma was intolerant.

Prof. Kumar had a son, Prakash, by his his first wife who became a lecturer in the
same college as his father. But as fate would have it, neither of them was aware of
their relation, though each had love & respect for the other.

Prof. Kumar also had a son & daughter by his second wife. The son uncared & unloved
soon to find solace in drink. While the daughter, Chitra, followed the foot steps of
the mother & soon lost herself in the gay abandon of club-life.

Prof. Kumar lived like a stranger in his own house. If at all anybody cared for him,
it was Rekha, his dead friend's daughter whom he brought up as his daughter & according
to his own ideals.

How do these these conflicts in Kumar's life reslove in the end?

Is Kumar ever free from the the dark shadow cast by his early folly?

What happens to those whom he held dear & nera?

You can see the answers on the silver screen.

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