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Nachnewale Gaanewale - 1991 - SHEMAROO DVD

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Nachnewale Gaanewale - DVD

Starring: Kader Khan, Shakti Kapoor, Shahbaaz, Sheeba


Jaggu and Maggu are two friends who live together; sing and dance at weddings,
anniversaries, births, and parties for a living. Jaggu has a son named Chander,
while Maggu has a daughter named Kamla. They decide to get the children married,
and formalize their marriage when they are adults. Chander is sent to a hostel
so that he can study and become a better person than his father, and Maggu. Years later,
Chander has now grown up and is well educated. Delighted, Jaggu and Maggu go
to the city to bring him back home to get married to Kamla. To their shock and surprise,
Chander refuses to have to do anything with them; he has a girlfriend named Pinky Khanna,
who he gets engaged to, and will marry soon; and he outright refuses to marry
Kamla under any circumstances. Jaggu, Maggu, and Kamla now realize their fate - which
is traveling around singing and dancing the rest of their lives, and living destitute

Company: Shemaroo

Language: Hindi
Subtitle: English
Region: NTSC All
Number of discs: 1
Classification: PG
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
Widescreen: YES
Running Time: 155 Mins
Genre: Drama / Comedy

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