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Milan -1994- EROS DVD

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Starring : Jackie ShroffManisha KoiralaGulshan GroverParesh RawalSudha ChandranMushtaq KhanTom AlterAvtar GillAkash Khurana
Director : Mahesh Bhatt
Producer : Mukesh Duggal
Music Dir :
Lyricist :
Singer :
Distributor : Eros
Genre : DramaRomantic

Raja (Jackie Shroff) lives by his wits in a fishing village. He does not
have much respect for God and this is a cause of conflict between him and
his beloved Priya (Manisha Koirala) who works for the church. Also Priya
does not know that Raja works for some people involved in smuggling on the
sea coast. But Raja's otherwise helpful sort of person. When Jaya (Sudha
Chandran) seeks Raja's help, he helps her to get a job with his brother
Vijay (Akash Khurana) who is rich but uses his wealth the poor and needy.
Raja and Priya have a dram; of getting married and settling down in a house
they can call their own. They decide to built the house but Priya protests
when she discovers that Raja's source of income is not clean. Raja loves
Priya too much to see her unhappy, he decides to go straight and earn honest
living. He is helped in his decision by ACP Doshi (Avtar Gill) who is
himself a very honest cop.
But Raja's changeover is seen as a threat to his accomplice Kevin Kekda
(Gulshan Grover) and the corrupt Inspector Kotak (Paresh Rawal) Forces that
had seemed harmless to Raja now frame him in a game of life and death. Raja
is accused of murder and imprisoned. The hardships of prison are unbearable
but even more unbearable is his separation of Priya, who is also being
tormented. Father De'Mello (Tom Alter) and Havaldar Shantaram (Mustaq Khan)
do their best in protecting her from the evil intentions of the villains but
only Raja can truly set things right.

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