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Mere Mehboob -1963 tte DVD

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Starring : Rajendra KumarSadhnaAshok KumarJohhny WalkerPranAmeetaRehmanNimmi
Director : H.S.Rawail
Producer : H.S.Rawail
Music Dir : Naushad
Lyricist : Shakeel Badayuni
Singer : Lata MangeshkarMohammed Rafi. Asha Bhosle
Distributor : TTV
Genre : Romantic


Love is the loadstar of all romantic hearts, the noblest, the most sublime of all human sentiments. That is probably whay all the world loves a lover. But when the setting is a charming, old-wide haven of a princely Lucknow with its abundance of pleasures and "Nawabs", all taking their pleasure in the persuit of arts, literature on pleasure, love becomes hallowed in an added form of grandeur. It becomes love divine. Such is the love we present in our gorgeously framed "Mere Mehboob", a love so unique that Anwar and Husna meet but once, just once brush their fingers in a delicate caressing touch and the sparks of cupid courses into them, setting their young hearts on fire. Anwar does not even see the face of his enchanteress atthe first meeting, but Husna has the advantage of seeing Anwar. The song he calls "Mere Mehboob" pleads of his beloved taht she should once disclose herself to him. Fate plays with them together in Lucknow, where thheir identities are thrown open in a blinding revelation. But Anwar is hardly on the same social ladder as Husna and must threfore surrender her love. Hence, love begins to play its own game


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