Lamhe/Chandni - DVD 2 In 1 DVD

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 Lamhe/Chandni - DVD 2 In 1 DVD


Director :
Yash Chopra
Producer : Yash Chopra
Music : Shiv Hari
Lyrics : Anand Bakshi

Starring : Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Anupam Kher, Waheeda Rehman

Lamhe is the story of moments, moments of passion… moments of ecstasy… moments of love. The first time Viren (Anil Kapoor) saw Pallavi (Sridevi), the moment stood still and she captivated him. Pallavi with the dreamy eyes, the tinkling laughter, the singing voice and a strong willed happy attitude to life. Unable to express himself in her presence Viren found happiness in reminiscing each moment of the time spent with her. Until the moment when he realised that Pallavi loved Siddarth (Deepak Malhotra), in whose arms Pallavi found solace and happiness. His unexpressed love locked tightly in his heart; Viren saw the love of his life in the arms of another. Virens life changed from a carefree adolescent lad to an unhappy man.

But fate had other plans for Viren. Once again a moment changed his life forever. It was the moment he first saw Pooja (Sridevi); her radiance shattered the darkness in his heart and he learnt to laugh again. But memories of an old love take time to fade. Will Viren find another moment of happiness in his life? Is there a moment of love for Pooja?

Lamhe is Yash Chopras most cherished film with soul stirring music composed by Shiv-Hari and lyrics written by Anand Bakshi.


Director : Yash Chopra
Producer : Yash Chopra
Music : Shiv Hari
Lyrics : Anand Bakshi

Starring : Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, Vinod Khanna, Waheeda Rehman

Chandni is the story of how love takes the life of three people and weaves them together in a beautifully dramatic love story, filled with beautiful colours of pain and passion. Love comes to Chandni (Sridevi) and Rohit (Rishi Kapoor) in one breathless moment as if time and hearts have stopped. They plan the happiness of the shared future. But life has other plans.

In one cruel stroke of fate, Chandni faces life alone, her heart and her dreams shattered. Then she meets Lalit (Vinod Khanna). Lalit, whose eyes are dark with the shadows of the tragic memories of his first love. But in Chandni's smile he sees a wonderful radiance that for the first time chases those shadows away. Lalit's affection gives a new direction to Chandni's life, till one day, she meets Rohit again.

Now all three stand at the crossroads of love, pawns with the game that love plays with life. Who will win? Life or love? Chandni is a classic Yash Chopra love story - softly lyrical, throbbingly beautiful and filled with exquisite locales, lifting melodies and the sound of three hearts hopelessly in love...

DVD Features

Contains 2 Films on a single DVD
Optional English Subtitles
Digitally Re-mastered from the original film
16 x 9 Anamorphic (2.35:1 Aspect Ratio)
Digitally enhanced Dolby Digital 5.1 sound

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