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Lalkar - 1972 DVD APOLLO

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Lalkar - DVD

Actors: Dharmendra, Mala Sinha, Rajendra Kumar, Kum Kum
Subtitles: English
Producer: Ramanand Sagar
Director: Ramanand Sagar
Released by: Apollo
Region: 0 - Region Free. Will play on any player, in any region.
Year Released: 1872

From the pages of history of world war II comes this unforgetable story of a handful of daredevil heroes on one of the most dangerous missions on the Burma front. The Japanese hidden airfield on Burma - India border. Few jawans and Officers of British Army were chosen to take up the challenge for destroying the enemy's secret Airfield.

The operation was headed to Wing Commander Rajen Kapoor and Major Ram Kapoor. While rajen almost lost his life during the reconnaissance flights over the enemy territory. Ram headed the commando group whose party had to play a vital role with Japanese Army.

The elder Rajen Kapoor believed in the immortality of love and was in true love with Dr.Usha Chowdry working in a military hospital. The younger Ram Kapoor never believed in love. He never meant a word when he talked love to numerous girl friends. One amongst them was a tribal princess Toshi who not only was in true love with him

Presumd to be dead, Rajen was alive as prisinor in the hands of enemy. In the mean time Ram reaches the enemy hideout. Diguising themselves as tribal labourers serving the Japanese guards. THe news of Rajen being alive has reached themin no time.

Lalkar is a story of these gallant and magnificetn soldiers, who risked their lives and loves for the sake of the duty, and the story of these brave and faithful girls for whom there was no other duty than to risk their everything for the sake of their love.

Lalkar comes to the screen straight from the pages of a stirring novel by no other than Ramanand Sagar.

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