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Krantiveer -1994- moviebox DVD

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Krantiveer -Dvd

English Subtitles

STARCAST: Nana Patekar, Asha Sharma, Bindu, Dimple Kapadia, Danny Denzongpa, Farida Jalal

The freedom fighter Bhishmanarayan desires that his grand son Pratap (Nana Patekar) should do good deed and earn good name for him and keep up the prestige of his family. But Pratap takes wrong step. When Bhishmarayan comes to know this, he gets shock and dies. Pratap does not lit the fire even to his dead body. Prataps mother performs ritual rites and with anger she removes Pratap from the house. . Pratap reaches Laxminagar and saves the life of Laxmidass son. Laxmidas keeps with him. In due course Atul and pratap grow young and Atul was in love with Mamta. Mamta is the daughter of a famous builder Yograj who is close friend of Laxmidas. Yogiraj makes engagement of his daughter with Atul with an evil mind to possess the wealth of Laxmidas and earn in crores. It was deep scheme of Minister Deshmukh, opposition leader Chandrasen Azad and under world kind Chatursingh to grab the wealth. Chatursingh by force takes signature of Laxmidas and murders and puts the fire to the colony. In this police officer as well leader helps him. . Megha a press reporter wants to bring a revolutionery change and help the poors. She also becomes victim of Chatursingh. Now Pratap takes the job to finish off these murderous beasts. His first target was Chatursingh, but he escapes. But all think that he is dead. But Pratap shoots Deshmukh, Chandraseb, K.K. Judge and Builder Yogiraj for which he gets punishment of death sentence. There is crowd in Kranti Maidan and gallows ready. But at the crucial moment, President orders and condones the death Sentence and Pratap is freed. Chatursingh also repeats his illdeeds and attacks the crowd. Pratap kills him also. By killing traitors Pratap becomes Krantiveer against the injustice and raises "Blazing Torch".

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