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Starring : Karan OberoiSudhanshu PandeyChaithanya BhosleSherin VargheseSidharth Haldipur
Director : Sharad Sharan
Producer : Raam Punjabi
Music Dir : Vikesh Mehta
Lyricist : Karan OberoiP.K MishraSachin Tyagi
Singer :
Distributor : Eros
Genre : Romantic

Kiss Kis Ko is the story of the Band of Boys as they embark on a pulsating journey that is heady with the music. Driven by music, the Boys sing their way through the tricky twists and turns of life. They encounter fun and laughter as well as anger and anguish. They find love and heartache. Above all, they discover one essential truth - that to be a band they must forge a bond. A bond so strong, that nothing can destroy it. A bond so everlasting, that none can tear it apart.

Some of the quirky guys and gals the Boys meet as they swing along this racy film:
Rea (Bhumika Puri) is so drop dead gorgeous that she leaves a string of broken hearts in her wake. She's devious and curvaceous and knows exactly what she's doing and exactly who she wants.

BD (Aly Khan) knows the "Boys have it. It's the voice that matters, he insists. His Boys have the voice and he will kick butt, go stone broke and do whatever else it takes to get them the big break. As long as they sing their hearts out!

Max (Raj Zutshi) knows Shyla has it. It's the oomph that matters, he screams, who cares about the voice. He'll get her the big break, only if she promises not to sing!

Shyla (Aparna Kumar) loves to sing because she believes she has the voice. But she's made to pose and preen and do everything else…. But sing.

Divya (Shreya Das) is a sweet and simple girl who takes the Boys seriously. They treat her lightly. And the repercussions are disastrous!

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