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Kathputli - 1971 Bollywood DVD

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Kathputli dvd
Starring : JeetendraBhagwanManmohanKumud TripathiBholaRamlalMumtazHelenMalikaLeela Mishra
Director : Brij
Producer : Brij
Music Dir : Kalayanji Anandji
Lyricist : Anu MalikIndeevarShaadab
Singer : Asha BhonsaleKishore KumarLata MangeshkarMahendra KapoorMohammad Rafi
Distributor : SPARK
Genre : DramaRomanticSocial


Nisha was a lonely girl. Vishal too didn't have anyone whom he could call his own. They fell in love with each other and ultimately united in a wedlock, thus replenishing their lives with what was lacking. But the dreamer never come true so easily.

Vishal, met with an accident with the result of which he had to be hospitalzed for several months. Nisha struggled hard to accumulate resources to save his life. Pressed by the extreme necessity of money for the operation, one day she approaches her boss, who seeing the favourable opportunity trapped her and deprived her of that ornaments of womanhood, which belongs to only Vishal.

Nisha tried to commit suicide but destiny had something else in store for her. She was to live and face the sorrows of the world. She began to realize that man is a puppet (KATH PUTLI) in the hands of fate.

Nisha had no other choice but to live for the sake of Vishal, who at that crucial moment was involved in the struggle of life and death. At long last Nisha's efforts were rewarded and VIshal recovered completely.

One day Visual saw his friend Murli carrying a child to an orphanage. He was very much moved by the sight, for his own childhood was also wasted in an orphanage. He felt pity and took the child to his own house so that he could bring him up properly. Nisha was shocked to see the child.... She knew that it was no other but her own child. She was scared of the consequences if Vishal comes to know this secret. She began to wait for this imminent storm to break.

Did the strom break? And if it did, what were the consequences?
This in brief, is the story of "Kathputli"

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