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Junglee-1961 SPARK DVD

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Junglee DVD

Starring: Lalita Pawar, Saira Banu, Shammi Kapoor
Director: Subodh Mukherji
Genre: Bollywood Movie
Sub Genre: Bollywood Classic
Release date: 1 August 2005
Format: DVD

Chandrashekhar (Shammi Kapoor) or Shekhar as he is called now, belongs to an aristocratic  family, who believe laughter is a sign of belonging to the lower class, and as a result laughter is not encouraged in the household, run by Shekhar`s domineering mom (Lalita Pawar).  In this household the only one who dares to laugh and enjoy life is Shekhar`s sister Mala (Shashikala), who also dares to love Jeevan (Anoop Kumar).  Things change when their mom finds out about Mala`s indiscretions, and she asks Shekhar to take her away from their home, to distant and scenic Kashmir.  She also instructs Shekhar to arrange to get married to a girl from a princely family.  When Shekhar escorts Mala out of town, and on reaching Kashmir, he meets up with beautiful Rajkumari (Saira Banoo), and after being stranded with her for a night during a snowstorm, he realizes what he has been missing, and becomes a care-free man in love.  This change is welcomed by Mala, but not by his mother.  To make matters worse, Rajkumari does not belong to a princely family, and Shekhar knows that his mom will never approve of his marriage with Rajkumari.  This movie is known as the first movie of Saira Banoo.

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