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Chiranjeev, Sonali Bendre, Aarti Agarwal


B. Gopal


N. Ravindranath

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Synopsis of Indra- The Tiger

Shankamarayan is a soft and kind person, who works hard and keeps helping everyone. He does’nt have any religion or caste feeling he runs a taxi and educates his neice and nephew Nandini and Pradeep. He also helped an orphan Ganesh, who stays with them. The state Governor’s daughter Pallavi is Nandini’s friend Pallavi loves Shankar, so she plays a game and joins shankars family.
Nandini loves Ganesh, When Shankar comes to know about them, he celebrates their marriage. Sneha came along with her brothers to the marriage and reveals that, Ganesh is her Nephew, She takes Ganesh along with her. Pallavi and other people gets stunned seeing Shankar keeping quite. Pallavi asks Shankar the reason for keeping quite. Then Valmiki tells trhem.
Shankarnaryan was a zamindar in a village near Hyderabad. His name is “INDRA” The village people treats him as god. Indra cares for people, and helpes everyone in many ways. In the same village lives another zamindar family of Shivnath, his sons Veershankarnath and Four brothers, daughter Sneha. Indra and Veerashankarnath’s families are enemies, and this is coming from their forefathers. Seeing Indra’s nature and braveness, Sneha starts loving Indra.
Indra wishes to construct a dam for village people, and he approaches District collectyor for this collector informs him that the place where dam has to be constructed belongs to Veerashankarnath’s family. Indra says at any cost he is ready to buy the land for dam. Veerashankar & brother ask Indra to write and give his whole property and leave the village in return for their land. On her part of land, Sneha asks Indra to marry her.
Veerashankar & brother plans to kill Indra on weddingday, but accidentally Indra’s sister and brother-in-law dies. Indra gets angry and hurts everyone at Veerashankar’s home and kills his brothers, seeing this Sneha gets angry with Indra. Indra leaves the village along with his neice and Nephew and settles down at Varanasi.
Knowing this pallavi and all gets Stunned for Indra being such a great personality, living with them as a simple person all these days.
1) Whether Indra goes back to village to take revenge, and joins Ganesh and Nandini.
2) Whether Indra stays back in village for the welfare of the people.
3) Whether Indra marries Pallavi or Sneha.

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