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Hungama - DVD

Director : Priyadarshan
Producer : Ganesh Jain & Pooja Galani
Music : Nadeem Shravan
Lyrics : Sameer

Starring : Aftab Shivadasani, Akshay Khanna, Rimi Sen, Paresh Rawal, Sanjay Navekar, Shakti Kapoor, Shoma Anand, Upasana Singh, Tiku Talsina, Rajpal Yadav

Director Priyadarshan possesses a skill in directing light-hearted comedies who can forget Hera Pheri that was laughing riot all the while. Though his previous Yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar did not fare well at the box-office he resurfaces with another comedy Hungama. Produced by Venus films the film introduces Rimi Sen and as the name is reflects is about Hungama i.e. chaos and confusion. The film is a melange of an urban romance and a strong case of mistaken identities just like the comedy of errors. When Bollywood is celebrating the Halloween party with films like Bhoot, 88 Antop Hill, Saaya and Hawa, Hungama appears to shower to some relief rain.

Anjali (Rimi Sen) comes to city in search for better job prospects and future but finds difficulties ready to greet her arrival in the city. The first problem for Anjali is to find accommodation and this is where she meets Aftab through a local dhoodwala. Aftab too has come in the city looking for a job and has difficulties in even finding a house. The milkman advises the two that it would become much easier to get a house if they pose as husband and wife to a miser moneylender and landlord Tiku Talsania.

One-day Anjali meets a rich man Paresh Rawal for the purpose of getting a job. Paresh owns a bungalow and coincidentally even his wife's name is Anjali (Shoma Anand). It is in Paresh's house that she meets Akshaye who has come to repair electric equipment. While talking to him she learns that there is a vacancy in Akshaye's showroom. Desperately seeking a job Anjali makes up a story and gets the job. Enchanted by Anjali's beauty Akshaye thinks that she is Paresh's daughter and falls in love with her.

Everyday after work he drops Anjali to what he thinks is her house. Akshaye's frequent visits to his house make Paresh into believing that his wife Anjali is having an affair with him. On the other hand to keep up her hoax with Akshaye, Anjali daily sneaks into Paresh's house from the front gate and exits from the back door. Paresh's wife sees her coming and going and thinks that she is having an affair with her husband. While this confusion is on its full swing Aftab too falls in love with Anjali. To get her he tries to make her jealous by making her believe that he is in love with landlord's young wife Upasana Singh.

What follows next is a series of laughter in this comedy of mistaken identities rightly called Hungama

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Colour / NTSC Format /  Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel / English Subtitles


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