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Hulchul-(Old DILIP KUMAR) 1951 TTE DVD

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Product Description
Starring : Dilip KumarNargisK N SinghBalraj SahniJeevanSitaraCuckooYakubGeeta Nizami
Director : S. K. Ojha
Producer : K. Asif
Music Dir : Sajjad HussainMohd Shafi
Lyricist :
Singer : Lata MangeshkarRajkumariMohammed RafiShamshad Begum
Distributor :
Genre : DramaSocial


The movie starts with a young man Kishore (Dilip Kumar) being brought to the prison.He looks quite innocent and seems a misfit sitting with hardcore criminals in the same cell.After sometime a notorious man Nanda(Yakub) is brought to the same cell.All the other prisoners know about the notorious guy except the young man.The jailor(Balraj sahani) of the jail gets married that night.The bad guy decides to kill the jailor and run away.His attempts are failed by Kishore who hates violence and killing of innocent. After a brief confrontation with Kishore,nanda realises that Kishore is not one of them and decides not to mess with him.The jailor
calls Kishore and thanks him for saving his life on his wedding night.When Kishore returns to his cell,Nanda urges him to tell him the reason of his being in jail. Kishore after much persuasion tells his ill-fated story.Kishore was adopted by a noble man(Murad) after his parents had died. The man had a daughter and a son.The daughter is very fond of young Kishore,while the son hates him.After a brief illness,the man dies leaving all 3 of them to live the lives of orphans.However the son is rude and throws young Kishore out of the house. Time passes by.The daughter grows up to become Asha(Nargis) and her brother a tyrant(K.N.Singh).Even though they have grown up ,Kishore and Asha still love each other,much to the annoyance of Asha’s brother.Initially he is very angry and beats Kishore black and blue but later he gives in to the feeling of his sister.He asks Kishore to go out and make a name for himself and after that he will hand over Asha to him.Kishore accepts the challenge and reaches Bombay in search of work.After facing rejection at many places Kishore finds work in a circus.The lady incharge of the circus
develops a soft corner for him.When their lead artiste Paul (Jeevan) is not able to perform the event ’’Jump of Death’’ as he is heavily drunk,the owner asks Kishore if he can do the feat.Kishore accepts it and does the jump very well much to the annoyance of Paul.Paul kills the lady incharge and frames Kishore for the murder.the police catches Kishore and puts him in prison. After hearing Kishore’s story Nanda convinces him that he will help him in getting justice.Meanwhile jailor is very impressed with Kishore.he asks him to become his personal gardener and Kishore works whole heartedly for him.All is well till we come to know that jailor’s wife is none other than Asha!!!!Kishore is devastated.On asking Asha he comes to know that her brother got her married to the jailor as they thought that Kishore will never come out of prison.Kishore feels dejected but both him and Asha decide to hide this secret from Jailor sab.On going out of the prison Nanda finds Paul and makes him accept for the murder.Kishore is found innocent and he is released.Before leaving the city he comes to visit Asha.While returning his feet slips on the staircase and he dies and the secret of his love for Asha dies with his death.

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