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Hera Pheri - 1976 spark DVD

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 Hera Pheri DVD
Starring : Amitabh BachchanVinod KhannaSaira BanuSulakshana Pandit
Director : Prakash Mehra
Producer : Satyendra Pal
Music Dir : Kalyanji Anandji
Lyricist : AnjaanIndeevar
Singer : Asha BhonsaleKishore KumarLata MangeshkarMahendra Kapoor
Distributor : SPARK
Genre : Social

Synopsis of Hera Pheri DVD

Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) and Ajay (Vinod Khanna) were best of friends, they were educated -but merely holding degrees from a university didn't get them any jobs. In frustration Ajay had even tried to suicide, but Vjay had saved his life and that is how they met. Since then they had lived together and exposing crime and criminals was their main occupation in life. Their dangerous mission often brought them in contact with Police Commissioner Khanna who was ready to arrest them on the slightest pretext but could not do so as he had no definite proof against them. During one of their escapade, Ajay met Police Commissioner Khanna's sister and fell in love with her. When Vijay learnt about it he advised Ajay to leave him and keep away from crime criminals and start some respectable business with the money they saved so that he could marry the Commissioner's sister; but Ajay refused to desert Vijay and insisted that he too keep away from the under world. This was impossible for Vijay till he found out his father's murderer - a fact unknown even to Ajay who was ever ready to lay down his life for his friend. Suddenly one day Ajay met a man who claimed to be his father. His first impulse was to introduce him to his best friend; but he was shocked to learn that Vijay believed this man to be his father's murderer. Deadly deeds of destiny separated two friends and from then onwards they were after each other's life. Vijay swore by his insane mother, who was only eyewitness to his father's murder, to destroy Ajay and his father. Kiran - an accomplice of Ajay's father joined hands with Vijay in this mission. To see the rest of the most unusual and thrilling drama of this story with a climax that will keep you guessing till the end, see "HERA PHERI".

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