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Guide - 1965 - SHEMAROO DVD

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Product Description

Guide DVD
Director : Vijay Anand
Producer : Deva Anand
Music : S D Burman
Lyrics : Shailendra

Starring : Dev Anand, Waheeda Rehman, Kishore Sahu, Leela Chitnis, Jagirdar, Anwar Hussain, Ulhas, Rashid Khan

Vijay Anand's classic movie based on R K Narayan's novel Guide is the story of a young guide Raju (Dev Anand).

Raju has just been released from jail and wishing to make a clean break with the past, he wanders till one day tired and hungry he rests in a remote temple in the outskirts of a village. The innocent villagers mistake him for a holy man. The temple soon becomes his house, and the villagers his disciples, and he helps them in his own way by giving them advice in their practical affairs and by entertaining them with mythological stories that he had heard in his childhood from his mother. But Raju is haunted by his past.

His life as a guide is turned upside down when he meets with Rosie (Waheeda Rehman) and her husband Marco, an archaeologist. Rosie's love for dancing has been curbed by Marco and a sympathetic Raju views her suffering. When Rosie decides to end her life, Raju helps her to till he makes Rosie a famous artiste. Raju and Rosie fall in love but the immense wealth and fame brought in by Rosie's success makes them grow apart. One day Raju foolishly commits an act of forgery and he is shocked and feels betrayed when Rosie supports the criminal charges against him. And that's how Raju had landed up in Jail.

Here however the villagers are suffering. there is a famine in the village and people were dying. The people look upto Raju, who they believed to be their saviour. For had he not narrated to them the story of a holy man who had once fasted for twelve days to appease the rain Gods? And was it not true that gods could not ignore his prayers and had to send down a deluge of water? Raju, if he really cared and loved them, could repeat the miracle. Raju inspite of a thousand protests, is cornered and forced to begin the fast. Hunger and pain question his decision and ask him to abandon the fast but his love for the villagers compels him to continue.

Does Raju give in and break his fast? Or does he continue. What happens to Raju. the criminal who became a holy man? Watch Guide, the compelling drama of human emotions.


Best Film of the Year
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematography
Best Direction
Best Feature Film In Hindi
Best Story

Features :

Colour / Dolby Digital 5.1 Surroubd / NTSC Format / English Subtitles


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