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Gauri - 1968 DVD

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Gauri - DVD
Starring: Sunil Dutt, Sanjeev Kumar, Nutan, Mumtaz
  • Starring: Sunil Dutt, Sanjeev Kumar, Nutan, Mumtaz
  • Directed by: A Bhim Singh
  • Format: DVD
  • Print: Color
  • Release: 1968
  • Music Director: Ravi

GAURI is a story of a typical Indian girl who helps her parents before her marriage and after her wedding sacrifices all - her persons, emotions, and feelings in the service of her husband. GAURI was blind at the time of her marriage with Sanjeev. When Sanjeev came to know of the physical handicap of Gauri he fled from the Marriage Pandal, But, alas all the rities were over by that time. After some days Sanjeev met with an accident and died and that information was not passed on to Gauri since, then, she was undergoing eye operation, as it was feared that this shocking news would adversely effect the treatment. Eye operation was successful and Gauri regained her eyesight. The greedy uncle of Sanjeev, Maniram Sait, who had a coveted eye of Gauri's big property induce Sunil, a bosom friend of Sanjeev to personate Sanjeev. But one day, Sanjeev who was thought dead, appeared before Gauri. Truth revealed, Gauri faced a terrible dilemma. She had before the sacred fire accepted Sanjeev's hand in Marriage but when she regained her eyesight fond Sunil as her husband. What other severe test could be on earth for a Hindu Lady? But Gauri finds a solution and the grandeur of her way will make you hail three cheers to the Indian Woman.


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