Elaan -2005- TTE DVD

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Starring : Arjun RampalJohn AbrahamRahul KhannaAmisha PatelLara DuttaMithun ChakrabortyRitu ShivpuriChunky PandeyAsraniMilind GunajiAtul Mathur
Director : Vikram Bhatt
Producer : Ganesh JainRatan Jain
Music Dir : Anu Malik
Lyricist : Sameer
Singer : Udit NarayanAlka YagnikKay KaySunidhi ChauhanAnu MalikSonu NigamShreya ghosalGayatri Iyer
Distributor : TTV
Genre : Action

Rahul Khanna as Karan He was once a street urchin selling tea in office. Now he's a business wiz kid and heir to a formidable empire. He's also the astute Mr. Cool whose brilliance has resulted in a record 300% profit for his company.

His driving force: Eternal love and gratitude for the man who gave him everything and asked for nothing in return - Mr Kantilal Shah.

His weapons: A razor sharp mind that assesses balance sheets as easily as it does a dangerous enterprise. But then he knows what he wants and how to get it. The cost be damned.

Arjun Rampal as Arjun

He was a cop who loved his work and excelled in it; till a deadly crossfire lost him his wife. He was forced to give up his job. But try as he might, he cannot give up his love for his country.

His driving force: Hatred for violence and for all those who make a business of it.

His weapons: Formidable fighting skills and a cop's unerring instincts. He can sense danger even before he sees it. His daring mind will devise incredible escapes and save everyone's lives, over and over again. His amazing courage will confound the enemy and earn him their grudging respect.

John Abraham as Abhimanyu

From a car driver, he become a petty criminal and then graduated to a drug dealer. But when for the first time in his life he tried to go straight, he was betrayed and imprisoned.

His driving force: Lots of money and freedom to be with the women he loves.

His weapons: Inside knowledge of the enemy's hideouts and most importantly, the enemy's psyche. He is the modern day Abhimanyu who will lead the way in to the chakravyuh. So cockily confident is he, that he forgets the one essential - that if he knows the enemy; the enemy too knows him!

Lara Dutta as Sonia

She's a beautiful bar dancer, whose innocence and faith will unwittingly put everybody's life in the greatest danger of all.

Her driving force: Her unshakeable faith that Abhimanyu will give up a life of crime for her sake.

Her weapons: The courage to stand by her man even when digging her own grave and facing a chilly death.

Amisha Patel as Priya

She's an intrepid and enterprising TV reporter, who will stop at nothing to get a sensational story for her channel. She will nose around, eavesdrop and even try a spot of blackmail - all in the line of duty!

Her driving force: Her fascination for the enigmatic Karan and her desire to break the story of the century.

Her weapons: Intense loyalty and the amazing satellite tracking system.

Mithun Chakraborthy as Baba Sikander

Terrorism is his profession; extortion his hobby. Whoever dares to cross him invites certain death.

Criminal File: Wanted dead or alive by the Indian police: Baba Sikander - dangerous killer, dreaded terrorist, lethal drug dealer, notorious extortionist. He's the master criminal who plays on international turf. The law can't touch him, because he has friends in the right places. The law can't reach him, because none of the many countries he resides in has an extradition treaty with India!

Why spell it out? Newspaper headlines say it all - the sheer spinelessness shown by successive Indian governments while dealing with heinous acts of terrorism. Hijacking or kidnapping; extortion or murder. The sordid detail may differ; the end result is the same. However loathsome, it's a fact we must accept that in a face-off with terrorism, we succumb rather than strike back; we crawl rather than combat; yield rather than resist.

We cringe in anguish and play the blame game - what can we do? Even the government is so spineless, the police so helpless, the law so toothless. But with every new horrific incident, with every knee jerk response, we only end up by exposing our abject weakness and encouraging the ruthless demands of these jungle bandits. And as the poison ivy of terrorism takes root and flourishes in the land of the Mahatma, it spawns the worst of them all.

Terror has a new name - Baba Sikander. Drugs, Murder, Kidnapping are his game. Baba Sikander's very name strike fear, for he rules by fear. Just his phone call can sound your death knell. He can finish your life, while you're still alive. Or worse, sentence you to a living death. He recognizes no geographical boundaries for terrorism is his reign; he respects no international laws, for he makes his own.

His evil tentacles encircle the globe, terrorizing the rich and smashing the stubborn. Obey him and he may let you live. Incur his wrath and invite certain death. One man, Kantilal Shah refuses to yield to his demands and pays the terrible price. One man, Karan Shah will defy the improbable odds and make an impossible vow - he will capture the mighty Baba Sikander and drag him back to India, alive. This is his Elaan.


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