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Drishti - 1991 - SPARK DVD

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Drishti DVD Drishti DVD Drishti DVD Drishti DVD Drishti DVD Drishti DVD Drishti DVD Drishti DVD Drishti DVD Drishti DVD

Starring: Dimple Kapadia, Irfan, Mita Vasisht, Shekhar Kapoor

Director: Goving Nihalani


Sandhya and Nikhil are a happy married, urban, professional couple. Coming from middle class families, both of them have risen in their professional life by virtue of merit and hard work.

On their eighth wedding anniversary one of their friends brings along his nephew Rahul who is a classical singer. Sandhya develops sudden attraction to him and has an affair with him. She confides in her friend. Prabha but does not tell Nikhil about it. After a couple of months the affair ends.

After about a year, Nikhil falls in love with Vrinda, his assistant in the lab. He tells Sandhya about it and leaves her. Sandhya is shattered. They part.

Four years after the divorce they meet again, as friends. Sandhya mentions to Nikhil about her affair with Rahul. Nikhil is shattered. `At least I was honest with you` he says. Sandhya argues that since she loved him and wanted to keep the marriage she did not tell him. She too was honest about her feelings for him. Who is right? Who is honest? Maybe both, in their individual perception of honesty and morality.

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