Des Hoyaa Pardes - DVD

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Starring : Gurdas MaanJuhi ChawlaDivya Dutta
Director : Manoj Punj
Producer :
Music Dir :
Lyricist :
Singer :
Distributor : MOVIEBOX
Genre : Drama

Synopsis This film is set in Punjab during the period of unrest where terrorists with their dubious activities altered the notion of Punjab for a long time. Post operation 'blue star', the peaceful and fun loving people of Punjab went through a traumatic phase which changed their lives and their perceptions forever. One such case was that of an educated humble farmer Gurshan, to whom tilling his soil meant most, and that's what he did to run his little family comprising of his old mother and father, and a young bubbly sister Guddi. Surviving through the social unrest, the family saw some ups and downs and destiny added another member into their lives. Things started to look much brighter for this humble family and with time the old wounds healed and pains forgotten. And then came the fateful night and the fateful knock on their door that changed their entire lives forever. A man of patriotic values was broken of his notions, the parents deprived of their love, and sister left with unfulfilled dreams. A family who was a mere spectator of the oppression and unjust ways of the system become its hard hit victims."Tinka tinka baney alahna, bhikrey teels teela, rul gaye des veedes, Des hoyaa Pardes." This line sums up the course the lives of this loving family takes, and what happened is revealed through the film. 

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