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Dahek -1999- EROS DVD

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Starring : Akshaye KhannaSonali BendreDanny Danzongpa
Director : Lateef Binny
Producer : Milan Jhaveri
Music Dir : Aadesh Shrivastava
Lyricist : Dev KohliMadan PalMajrooh Sultanpuri
Singer : Alka YagnikAnuradha PaudwalHariharanKumar SanuRoop Kumar RathodSadhana SargamUdit NarayanVinod Rathod
Distributor : Eros
Genre : Action


Dahek is the story of a girl, Neelima Bakshi (Sonali Bendre) who belongs to a conservative Muslim Family. At the post office, she meets a boy called Prince, Sameer Roshan (Akshaye Khanna) and it is love at first sight. In the meantime , Neelima's uncle, Jabbar Bakshi (Danny Danzongpa) is released from jail after 12 years . He is a staunch Muslim & applies tenets of his religion in disciplining the whole household, thus instilling fear among the members of the family. But their love blossoms despite restrictions. Prince gets admission in medical college while Neelima is rejected. Yet their parting of ways makes their hearts grow fonder. Fear enters their relationship, when a younger uncle, Naseem Bakshi relates the story of their sister, Sabeena whose husband was killed by Jabber Bakshi, just because she had fallen in love with him & they had eloped to get married in court. Sabeena had also put and end to her life. This horrifies Neelima. It is during one of the meeting she finds out that he is a Hindu. Fearing repercussions from her family, Neelima stops seeing Prince. But this separation proves short-lived since they both realize that they cannot live without each other. Now starts the war of the families and tension mounts. She is forced to get married to a boy chosen by the family. But Prince manages to abduct her from the "Nikah" ceremony and they elope. This creates havoc within the families and the news spreads like wildfire. People from both communities come forward to exploit the situation for their personal gains. A family affair degenerates into a social, political and religious issue, and religious leaders take the lead in igniting passions, suddenly the situation takes and ugly turn and there is rioting and arson in the city, innocent lives are lost. Meanwhile Prince and Neelima are exploring their New World of love and romance. In this volatile atmosphere, they are arrested and handed over to their respective families. Before they can be united they are shot fatally by some unidentified people. But who was responsible for their death? We. We have collectively killed them. We the people. Did they deserve death? What was their fault? Does any religion teach hatred and bloodshed? Religion is a pathway to life, not death. This film wishes to convey just that. It is something we already know, but which we have to be reminded of, so let us start thinking about it now.

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