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Coolie - 1983 ent one DVD

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Coolie DVD, Coolie DVD

Amitabh Bachchan, Rati Agnohotri, Rishi Kapoor, Waheeda Rehman, Kader Khan, Satyen Kappu, Nilu Phule, Shoma Anand & Amrish Puri

Manmohan Desai & Prayag Raj



Fullscreen 4:3

Hindi - Dolby Digital (5.1)


2 hours and 49 minutes (approx)

Synopsis of Coolie DVD

Remembered mainly as the film in which Bachchan suffered a near-fatal accident. The frame, recording the incident, is frozen as the legend of his injury flashes on to the screen. It is also Manmohan Desai's most aggressively communal film. Iqbal (Bachchan) is orphaned when the villain Zafar (Khan) kills his father and rapes his mother Salma (Rehman). Zafar also bursts a dam killing hundreds of people. Iqbal grows up to become a leader of the coolies (porters) at a railway station. Other characters are the drunken journalist Sunny (Kapoor), a foster-child of the villain who befriends Iqbal, and the rich heroine Julie (Agnihotri) whose father was also killed by the villain. The end of the film, shot at the Haji Ali mosque in Bombay, makes an appeal to the lumpenised Muslim underclass when an injured Iqbal invokes the power of Allah to deal the death blow to the villain. Iqbal also enjoys an electoral triumph over Zafar, foreshadowing Bachchan's election as an MP in 1984

Coolies are the luggage handlers at Indian railway-stations, and are viewed by members of society as the bottom of the pile. One man pledged his life when he was a young child after loosing his family, to protect, defend and uphold the rights of the Coolies, for they where the only family he had left. His name, Iqbal, his game, to gain the Coolies more rights. The major enemy to Iqbal, is Zahfar, the evil buisnessman who stole his mother away from him and who is at the core of the conflict. With his will and God's protection, he'll try to reunite with his mother and become victorious.

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