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C.I.D.-1956 (Hindi) bf DVD

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C.I.D. (Hindi) DVD
Starring Dev Anand, Johny walker, Mehmood, Shakila, Waheeda Rehman
Director Raj Khosla
Producer Guru Dutt Films
Distributor Bollywood Films
Subtitle English/Arabic

C.I.D., made in 1956, was the film that introduced two of the biggest stars of hindi cinema, Waheeda Rehman and Mehmood. The film, a thrilling murder mystery, follows C.I.D. Inspector Shekhar (Dev Anand) in his search to find the murderer of a newspaper editor killed by Sher Singh (Mehmood), whom Shekhar bumps up into at the scene of the crime, chases in Rekha's (Shakila) car, but who escapes. Master (Johny Walker), a common thief, who witnesses the crime is arrested as the murder suspect, is later released by Shekhar. Sher Singh is ultimately arrested but Shekhar knowing that he is the front man for a big gangster continues the investigation. He is bribed by Kamini (Waheeda Rehman) to stop investigation, but he refuses. Meanwhile, at the prison, Sher Singh is killed by fellow prisoners planted there to silence him and Shekhar is implicated and tried for his murder. Does Shekhra prove his innocence? Does he find the real villian behind it all? What happens to Kamini who is shot, helping Shekhar to escape?
C.I.D., one of the finest murder mystery thrillers of Hindi cinema, is a must-see. it nail-biting magic, is enhanced by O.P. Nayyar's greatest hits like "kahin pe nigahen", "Ai dil hai mushkil" and "Aankhon hi aankhoin mein".

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