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Chorni - 1982- EROS DVD

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Chorni - DVD

Actors: Jeetendra, Neetu Singh
Subtitles: English
Director: Jyoti Sarup
Music: Shankar Jaikishan
Released by: Eros
Genre: Drama
Region: 0 - Region Free. Will play on any player, in any region.
Year Released: 1982

Circumstances force an innocent Deepa into the life of a hardened criminal. When she thwarts the attempts of gang of spoiled rich young men led by the
unscrupulous and drunk Sukhdev, to molest her she lands in worse trouble. Sukhdev cooks up a robbery charge and Deepa is locked up, and sentenced to a
remand home for six months. By the time she comes out she was a changed person, hardened and clever and over the course of the next four years she earns
the reputation of a real "Chorni". But then a twist in the story takes place when Justice Sinha, a judge in a juvenile court, comes upon Deepa. A man who
believes that the imprisonment is not the only way of reforming criminals, he decides to adopt Deepa as his daughter and save her from her criminal life.
And that is how all the fun began. Deepa has to get rid of her street smart ways and win over the family. The kids in the family and the old grand-mother
soon began to love her and when Dr. Vikram the young handsome family physician tarted taking a personal interest in her, it looked as if things would turn
out well after all. Dr. Vikram and Kishore, Sinha's elder son, help in grooming Deepa. In the process she and Vikram fell in love. But then trouble enters Deepa's
life again. Deepa and Kishore remember where they had met each other before. Four years back, Kishore was one of the group of boys led by Sukhdev in the
incident that was the turning point of Deepa's life. In acute shame and embrassment, unable to face her accept her as a sister, Kishore fled away back to Pune
Deepa is heart broken. Then Deepa'a former mentor Shambhu Dada threatens to kill the judge and expose a scandal about Rani if Deepa did not rob the Judge
for him. Deepa has no other choice and she steals from her home. Shocked beyond belief that all his love and compassion could not reform Deepa, Sinha
beats her mercilessly and sends her back to the remand home to complete her sentence. But Kishore and Vikram got wind of something fishy and went
after the real culprits. Coul they unearth the mystery? And rehabiliate Deepa in the eyes of society? Watch Kesar films Chorni

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