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Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi-1958 21st DVD

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Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi DVD

Ashok Kumar ; Madhubala ; Anoop Kumar ; Kishore Kumar

Satyen Bose

Universal Suitable for All

Hindi - Dolby Digital (2.0)


Synopsis of Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

If your car stops all of a sudden on a busy street, how embarrassed and troubled you are.You check the petrol, the tank is full.You check the battery, carburetor, Delco and you are still more perturbed to see them all ok. Then what is wrong? Just look around to find out if any girl is there gazing at your car. If so then do one thing. Kick the car from rear and it will run.Dont you believe it? But sir, it works as it worked with the car of three brothers of Mohan Brothers Motor Garage.Their car really ran.Of course, theirs was not an ordinary car, it was a champion.And the inventor of this trick of "Kick and run the car" was also not just an ordinary man.He was Brijmohan, the boxing champion of his college days, who believed that girls are always the cause of each and every trouble.So he had given strict instructions that no girls car was to be repaired in their garage.No girl was to be listened or talked to.The eldest brothers orders had to be obeyed. But Manmohan had to do otherwise when one rainy midnight a girl knocked at the garage door for some repairs to her car.Mannu wanted to avoid her but he could not as the girl was not just any girl, she was the moody daughter of Seth Kishanchand.Renu not only got her car repaired but drove away without paying the bill.And subsequently Mannu had to undergo many interesting trouble to get the payment.The meeting between Mannu and Renu developed in a way which Brijmohan liked most.It was also disliked by Kumar Prakashchand, whose marriage was being arranged with Renu and who did not approve of Renus meeting with an ordinary motor mechanic.He could not bear to see himself being followed and his actives watched.But Mannu and Renu were prepared to face any hardship, in order to discover the truth about Prakash.This determination made Mannu to oppose Brijmohans ideals and he had only one way to settle the matter.Both of them put on gloves.Evidently Mannu lost in the boxing bout, but ultimately it was he won.Brijmohan had to agree that "champion" could run even if three girls were seated in the car.Three girls together?Where did they come from?What made Brijmohan consent to let them in?How was the real identity of Prakash revealed.All these make up the interesting story of "Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi" and we are sure that on seeing the movie you will exclaim, "How nicely the car has run"! So, dont miss this car.

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