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Biwi No.1 -1999- TIP TOP DVD

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Biwi No.1 DVD

Starring:Salman Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Anil Kapoor
Director:David Dhawan
Producer:Vashu Bhagnani
Music Director:Anu Malik
Duration:147 Minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romantic/Love
Language: Hindi
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel  
Region: Ntsc All Regions (Plays On Any Ntsc Or Pal Dvd Player)
Biwi No.1 DVD
A delightful film from the irrepressible David Dhawan who is the acknowledged king of comedy and Vashu Bhagnani the man with
the Midas touch.Biwi No 1 is the story of Puja played by Karisma Kapoor and her errant husband Prem (SalmanKhan) whose extra
marital affair causes Puja to take matters into her own hands.Puja and Prem fall in love and get married much against the
wishes of Puja's parents who are wealthy and dislike their daughter's choice because Prem is poor.But once they were married ,
Prem's fortunes changed and lady luck followed his meteoric rise to fame and WEALTH. Prem becomes the head of a large
advertising firm and his success is attributed to the love and support of Puja who takes great pride in her husband's
success.But the idyllic existence is shattered by the entry of Sushmita Sen who plays the role of Rupali Walia,
an ambitious model who has only a single minded goal in life to marry a rich man. As fate would have it Prem hires
her to model for his agency,and this is the start of an affair between the two. Rupali uses her feminine wiles to
entrap Prem who lies to her that he is a bachelor. Their affair and the need for some privacy takes them to the
snow covered peaks of Switzerland where their secret is exposed by Prem and Puja's friends Lakhan (Anil Kapoor) and
Lovely(Tabu) who are on the same flight as Prem and Rupali.Lakhan who is the family well wisher pleads with Prem to
get rid off Rupali but his request goes unheeded by Prem who is infatuated by Rupali.On their return to India Prem
continues to meet Rupali on the sly .Unsuspecting Pooja is still in love with Prem until Lakhan exposes the truth
about Prem's capers. Puja is shocked and issues an ultimatum to Prem to break off his liaison with Rupali but
Prem is unrepentant and leaves home.Pooja is heartbroken and at her wits end until good friend Lakhan comes to the rescue.
He advises puja to fight for her rights and for her husband with the same kind of cunning wiles employed by Rupali.This is
the start of the actual transformation of Puja from a simple homely girl into a woman who takes her destiny into her own hands.
She devises an amazingly simple strategy to win back her husband from the clutches of the other woman. But will
she succeed where others have failed?To catch a glimpse of the battle between the two women watch out for BIWI NO 1

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