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Babu - 1985- EROS DVD

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Babu DVD
Starring : Rajesh KhannaHema MaliniMala SinhaRati Agnihotri
Director : A .V. Tirlokchander
Producer : V. R. Parmeshwaran
Music Dir : Rajesh Roshan
Lyricist :
Singer :
Distributor :
Genre : Drama

Synopsis of Babu DVD 

Sacrifice, devotion and love are the other names of BABU, a man who devotes his entire life and happiness for the sake of a family who once gave him food and clothes with love - and he did not know how to repay this. Being an ordinary Rickshaw puller in the streets of Calcutta he had never experienced joy of love and respect Ð even his beloved is raped and murdered by one of the Villain. He is left alone in the world with no object or ambition. Just then to add to his sorrows he finds that the family where he was once given shelter have also come on road. He meets the cute girl on the streets trying to steal food from on of the stalls. The girl tells him how her father died and how she and her mother are staying in hut not able to afford a meal. Babu was moved at the plight of the little girl and he goes out of his way to help this family. He wanted to see Pinky study and come out in flying colours from the college. Babu's health was deteriorating day by day he was coughing blood. He wants to see Pinky in a bride's dress and ultimately settle down in life. How Babu achieved success in his mission to know this watch on screen BABU.

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