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Baaz-1953 ( Hindi )bf DVD

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Baaz ( Hindi ) DVD
  • Guru Dutt,
  • Johny Walker,
  • Geeta Bali,
  • Kuldip Kaur,
  • K.N. Singh
  • Guru Dutt
Screen: Aspect Ratio 4:3
Languages: Hindi
Subtitles: English
No. of Disks: 1
Region: Region 0

Synopsis of Baaz (Old) DVD

 Set in the 16th Century India, Baaz is the story of Prince Ravi (Guru Dutt) who lives with his mother the Queen, in Malabar. Since the Portuguese traders have practically begun to rule the state, the royal family has been reduced to mere figureheads. Nisha (Geeta Bali) is the daughter of a revolutionary who, along with her father, is arrested by the Portuguese and sold as slaves on a ship. Witnessing the killing of her father, she becomes a revolutionary herself, fights the Portuguese, takes over the ship and ultimately becomes the leader of her group. Each time she attacks, a Baaz (falcon) comes and sits on her shoulder and hence her group is named BAAZ.

Meanwhile, Prince Ravi is travelling by a Portuguese ship to Portugal to get crowned by their Queen. Nisha and her group attack the ship but Ravi is unharmed because he is Indian. Nisha also realises that he is the same man she had met on an earlier occassion when sparks flew... The attraction, ignited again, is mutual and Ravi not only romances her but also helps her to come ashore and start to fight against the Portuguese, not revealing his royal identity. Will Nisha ever get to know? How will she reconcile her love and her mission?

Baaz marked the beginning of Guru Dutt's remarkable career as an actor and filmmaker and his long association with music director O.P. Nayyar, who scored for this film evergreen hits like "Zara Saamne Aa", "Har Zabaan Ruki" and the Talat Mehmood song "Mujhe Dekho Hasrat Ki".

Genre: Drama
Release Date: 20070330
UPC: 5018501100421
Catalog Number: BIMP10042
Country: India

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