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Aulad Ke Dushman - 1993 - EROS DVD

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Aulad Ke Dushman - DVD
Starring : Shatrughan SinhaRaj BabbarArman KohliAyesha JhulkaKiran KumarSaeed JafferyJohny LeverShakti KapoorKader Khan
Director : Raj Kumar Kohli
Producer : Raj Kumar Kohli
Music Dir : Shyam Surinder
Lyricist : SatishRani Malik
Singer :
Distributor : Eros
Genre : Drama

Aulad Ke Dushman is a story of parents who blindly bow down to the demands of their stubborn children thereby adding poison to their future. R. K. Chaudhary is the father believes in fulfilling every whim of his son Vicky to express his love towards him. When Vicky commits a murder, Chaudhary blankets his crime by pouring money. When Vicky insults the vice principal of his college, Chaudhary forces the Vice Principal resign instead of questioning Vicky. Chaudhary's elder brother Papaji does not approve of Vicky's misbehavior and leaves the house. Shalu, the daughter of Chaudhary's friend Kumar is engaged to Vicky in the very childhood. She loves Vicky but Vicky loves Chanda. Vicky refuses to marry Shalu and marries Chanda. Dindayal takes advantage of the situation and grabs the entire estate of Chaudhary and Chanda drives Vicky out. R K Chaudhary and Vicky become paupers. Kumar creates hurdles in Vicky's path, makes his efforts futile. Vicky drops in the party thrown by Kumar at his place for the engagement ceremony of Shalu and Sailesh, and demands his estate at the gun-point. However Papaji appears on the scene and decalres that this was pre-planned by him and Dindayal for reforming his nephew. In the meantime, Sailesh and his father kidnap Chanda. Chanda is freed in the end and she gives the hand of Shalu in the hand of Vicky and leaves for London with her father Dindayal.

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