Aulad - 1987- eros DVD

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Starring : JeetendraVinod MehraKader KhanAsraniSrideviJaya PradaBabby Guddu
Director : Vijay Sadanah
Producer : Chander Sadanah
Music Dir : Laxmikant Pyarelal
Lyricist : S. H. Bihari
Singer : Asha BhonsaleLata MangeshkarSuman Kalyanpur
Distributor : Eros
Genre : Social

This is an emotional film depicting the fight and struggle between two women for a child. Deveki is an educated and beautiful girl hailing from a poor family she helps Anand, a businessman in playing the role of his wife when his uncle and Anand were impressed by Devki’s behaviour and her good look so Anand married Deveki is good and lived happily. When they had gone to Kashmir for their honeymoon they met one couple at Kashmir. The wife of that gentlemen. Deveki gave birth to a male child. The doctor advices them to go to a hill station. Yashoda was traveling towards Bombay in a train where as Deveki was traveling towards Kashmir in another train both the trains collided and unfortunately Anand was separated from Deveki Yashoda lost her husband. Yashoda gave birth to a still born child. She wanted her child very much as she had lost her husband. To save Yashoda’s life Anand handed over his son to the doctor telling him that he may give the child to Yashoda as her own child. Anand thought that Deveki his wife was no more in the world. However anand went on keeping contact with Jarhodal’s family to know about the welfare of the child. After five to six years Deveki came back to Anand and enquired about her son. Anand told her that the child dies in the train accident. But because of Anand’s behaviour and personal trait of the child Deveki understood that her child had not died and that Yashoda’s son is her own son she filed a civil suit in the court. The child was separated from Yashoda and was gien to Deveki however the child didn’t like to stay with Deveki and tried to go back to Yashoda. Therefore Deveki and Anand wanted to go to another town so that the child may forget Yashoda but the child run away from the railway station and Yashoda. He saved child from the car accident and got her self injured. Their Deveki handed over the child voluntarily to Yashoda. However one miracle took place. The doctor had told Deveki after her return from the accident that she would not conceive any child, however she conceived a child after handling over son to yashoda. So the film is picturised to show the love and affection of two mothers fighting for a child.


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