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Anpadh-1962 (old) tte DVD

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Anpadh DVD

Starring : DharmendraMala SinghBalraj SahniShashikalaShaminderBinduNazir HussainDhumal Director : Mohan Kumar Producer : Kiran Production Music Dir : Madan Mohan Lyricist : Raja Mehdi Khan Singer : Lata MangeshkarAsha BhosleMohammed RafiMahendra Kapoor Distributor : TTV Genre : DramaRomantic 

Synopsis of Anpadh DVD Anpadh DVD Anpadh DVD Anpadh DVD Anpadh DVD Anpadh DVD Anpadh DVD Anpadh DVD Anpadh DVD

The pace of time has ever been changing the human viewpoints, beliefs and notions. Our country also has partly yielded to the needs of TIME and Indian minds are rapidly developing to understand the real values of life. But unfortunately; there still exists section of people who are sticking to their wrong old beliefs, unaware of the dangerous consequences, which their youngsters have to face. Our story depicts one of such ignorant characters- Chowdhary Shambhoo Nath --a fabulously rich zamindar.

The Chowdhary with absolute intoxication of wealth and power believed that wealth was the only remedy for all purposes of life. With this dangerous belief and utterly wrong ideology, he did not educate his only sister and kept her away from the household work also. He believed that with his enormous assets he could make his sister's life happy and prosperous. As a result his only sister Lajo whom he loved very much grew into a very beautiful girl, but remained completely illiterate and inexperienced.

Basanti, a daughter of a poor postman was a childhood friend of Lajo. She had a natural defect in her leg, which made her lame. Her father with awareness of the significance of education and knowledge sent his daughter regularly to school and Basanti in spite if the facts that she had to do the entire household work, being a motherless child, took full interest in education.

Her brother at a very lavish scale performed Lajo's marriage and his sent his loving sister to her new home and gave her in dowry all that he had. But alas! The richness of her brother could not give happiness and peace to his sister. Her illiteracy shocked her husband and he had nothing but hatred for her. The entire family of her in-laws had only mockery for her. She now realised how she had been the victim of her brother's wrong conviction and how big injustice had been done to her. She patiently witnessed the turn of events and on one fateful occasion her husband realised the helplessness of Lajo and offered atonement for all that had happened. Before she could taste the happiness of her husband's renewed love and affection, Destiny struck the cruelest blow on her and snatched away her husband. She was now at the crossroads of life and death. But she had to live for the child of her husband, she was now caring. From here follows the stirring climax bringing home a reality that it is not the wealth but the education, experience and knowledge which is required to make our daughters and sisters happy and prosperous.


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