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Amar Shakti - 1978 - MOVIEBOX DVD

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Amar Shakti - DVD

Director : Harmesh Malhotra
Producer : A.K. Nadiadwala 
Music : Laxmikant Pyarelal

Starring : Shashi Kapoor, Pradeep Kumar, Birbal, Shatrughan 
Sinha, Alka 

Shamsher Singh The Brutal General Of Vjay Nagar Kills The Prince
Regent His Wife And 2 Sons, And Poisons The King To Take 
Control.Shamsher Becomes King And His Brother Nahir The Deewan. 
But Unknown To Them The Sons Of Prince. Amar And Shakti Survive.
Amar With The Help Of Their Maid Leela And Shakti A Leader Of A 
Gypsy's Gang. Amar Now In The Service Of The King Unknowingly 
Arrests Shakti Who Is Sentenced To Death. Leela Who Has Saved 
Amar Comes To The City And Asks Amar To Leave The Kings Job.
For This Gets Thrown To The Lions But Escapes With The Help Of 
Sunita The King' Daughter. They Both Escape From The Fort.
Nahir And His Men Try Their Best To Catch Them But Instead Are Caught 
By The Gypsys!.. Does Shakti Kill Them? Do Amar And Shakti Find 
That They Are Brothers? The Two In Their Own Way Try To Seek 
Vengeance. The King With The Help Of Trible Leader Hameera Finds
The Gypsys Hide Out.
Who Is Arrested? What Happens?

Features :

133 Minutes / Colour / Dolby 2.0 Stereo / NTSC Format / 
Subtitles : English 

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