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Achha Bura -1983- EROS DVD

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Achha Bura - DVD
Starring : Amjad KhanRaj BabbarAnita RajDina PathakViju KhoteRanjeetSajjanUtpal DuttChandra MohanViju Khote
Director : Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Producer : Deepak Parashar
Music Dir : Usha Khanna
Lyricist : Rajendra Krishanan
Singer : Suresh WadkarUsha MangeshkarAsha Bhosle
Distributor : Eros
Genre : Comedy

Achha Bura is a story of a few bad characters who turn good and about a few good people who transform these "bad character" into good human beings. Shekhar and Birsingh-two friends-who are physically giant sized yet children at heart-incidentally come to stay at a small chawl- where to they confront an enemy-a strange enemy-a woman. When their hatred turns into love and oneness they form a happy threesome-sister-brother relationship; and when they have accepted someone as their own-then, they are males/men to the core. Even if they have to lay their lives for honouring the `word' of their dear sister-they don't care. On the other side, there are two lovers-Ravi and Rita. Sherkhan and Birsingh are also strangely related to Rita. Though they are not physically related to her-in any sense-they are very much so-in every sense. 

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