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Aaye Din Bahar Ke-1966 SHEMAROO DVD

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Title Aaye Din Bahar Ke (By Shemaroo)
Description Dharamedra, Asha Parekh, Balraj Sahni, Rajendranath, Sunder, Mubarak, Nazima, Sulochana
Director Raghunath Jhalani
Brand/Distributor Shemaroo.
Genre Film, Romantic
Subtitles English
Category DVD
Features Dolby Digital Stereo
Year 1966

Aaye Din Bahar Ke DVD

"Never do anything in the dark which cannot be faced in the daylight," an
advice often repeated but seldom heeded. yet this is a human failing which
claims many innocent lives, bringing in its trail untold mystery and suffering.
Such was the story of Jamuna and Ramprakash Shukla who kept their marraige a
close secret, a ceremony veild by the covers of darkness. But when the daylight
comes, it is too late, as their relationship has borne a chld, Ravi, born out
of wedlock.
Years later, a woman named Kanchan comes into Ravi's life. At their
engagement ceremony, a member of Kanchan's family recognizes Jamuna as the
woman who had disappeared 25 years ago in Punjab. They knew about an
illegitimate child. Could this child be Ravi? When faced with these questions,
Jamuna could offer no explanation. Not getting a hold on this situation,
Kanchan's parents cancel the engagement and Ravi leaves home.
Ravi's footsteps lead him to a courthouse, where the magistrate Ramprakash
Shukla, his own father, sees him. When he finds out about the hatred Ravi has
for his unknown father, he decides to not tell him that he was Ravi's actual
father. To spite Kanchan, Ravi decides to marry Rachna.
When and how will Ravi learn of his parents actions? Will Kanchan be still
waiting for him. For answers, watch AAYE DIN BAHAAR KE.

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