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Aanch DVD Aanch DVD Aanch DVD Aanch DVD Aanch DVD Aanch DVD Aanch DVD

Nana Patekar and Paresh Rawal belong to two different villages. However, the village folk don't see eye to eye with each other for reasons best known to them. At this point of time, Suchinder's father [residing in Paresh's village] and Sharbani's brother [a resident of Nana's village] decide to get them [Suchinder and Sharbani] married. The preperations to the marriage ceremony begin, with neither the boy nor the girl knowing what the other looks like. In the meanwhile, the two villages get ready to confront each other in case of quarrel. The wedding ceremony is underway when a nautanki number triggers of a brawl. All hell breaks loose as guns and country-made rifles are out. The women, children and the elders run helter-skelter as the two villages battle it out. In this melee, the revelry is forgotten. A heart-broken Sharbani decides to go back to the city to pursue her studies. Meanwhile, Suchinder also returns to the city to continue with his academic activities. They first bump into each other in the train, then in college, completely unaware of the facts. For Suchinder, its love at first sight, but Sharbani doesn't respond to his overtures. In fact, so troubled is Sharbani by Suchinder's attitude that she packs her bags and heads straight for her village. In the meanwhile, Suchinder gets learns of the facts that Sharbani is his legally-wedded wife and decides to get her back from the clutches of two warring villages. But it's not an easy task


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